O'Fallon Christian Church
The final design for the OCC website was inspired by the themes of 20- and 30-somethings, adventure, and treasure maps that were discussed in the planning phase. This design inspired the complete OCC design suite, such as the logo and the bulletin framework.

OCC Alternate
I always like to offer the client more than one alternative when possible. This alternative design for the OCC website leans a bit more towards an urban youth feel.

OCC Alternate
This OCC website alternative design keeps the treasure map background (a hand-drawn map of the Holy Land) and the logo, but adds in the idea of travel.

OCC Alternate
The sub-page for the previous design, this allows a dedicated space for the highlighting of featured content such as news items.

Maine MLS
A request for a super-fast and affordable website re-design resulted in this design. One challenging aspect of this design was the request that a Google AdSense unit be blended gracefully into the design, without looking out of place.

Full Package (template)
This template was made with sample text, a sample logo, and sample marketing language, to give the client an idea of what could be done with it.

Fashion Fabrics Club
This is actually not the (final) graphical design for this site, but rather a visual representation of the features the website will offer and the customer's database interface.

Seamcheck Blog (template)
For this blog template, the design needed to recede into the background, allowing the attention to focus on the blog posts themselves. As all posts would follow the basic structure shown here--with an emphasis on a specific garment rather than a daily or weekly post--typical blog features such as a calendar were unimportant.

Seamcheckers (recto)
My design plan for this website was to blend modern design and layout with the look of a medieval manuscript.

Seamcheckers (verso)
Images of the garment being worn were substituted for the illuminations seen in many medieval manuscripts.