The Quest
Seen as the mission statement of the church, this theme of the repeating cycle is presented in many ways within OCC.
Encounter -> Train -> Serve -> Send
Inspired by questions raised within the Student Ministries, this poster provides alternate terminology for The Quest, to help improve understanding.
What the Spirit Says to the Church
Unlike the bulletin for this sermon series, it was important that all seven churches mentioned in Revelation be highlighted in a single poster. Due to the less restrictive format I was able to expand on the theme by including an image of the messenger.

See Bulletins for the matching bulletin.
Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition
Outdoor banners advertised this series. With construction as an overall theme, I made use of that imagery to help me stretch the original image into the desired long banner format.

See Bulletins for the matching bulletin.
Boot Camp
With its immediate military overtones, this design doesn't even need to be read to convey the idea of basic training.
Baby Day
Filled with cheerful colors and fun shapes, this poster celebrates the joys of parenthood.
Jude: Contending for the Faith
Various sizes and formats of posters and banners were used to advertise this series.

See Bulletins for the matching bulletin.
It's All In Your Mind
Imagery reminiscent of hypnosis seemed the best fit for this series.

See Bulletins for the matching bulletin.
Kids Zone
Requiring extensive drawing and re-drawing of clipart, this outdoors banner for the Children's Ministry was intended to match the many construction-themed landscaping items already present.

Directional signs were also included with the banner.
Kick Up Your Heels
Constrained by the need to match a letterhead, this fun poster was designed around a polka-dotted panel and the color pink.
Girlfriends Unlimited
A simplified banner, but one that still matched the previous poster, was needed for the Girlfriends Unlimited Women's Ministry event.
Your Very Best Life Possible
This series was about emerging from darkness into life, and so was the design.