OCC Weddings
This design is a medium-sized phonebook ad advertising OCC's availability as a Christian wedding venue.

Newsletter Template (front)
The OCC newsletter enjoys a wide circulation among current members, as well as those who've moved to a new area. The template needed to accomodate regularly changing content while maintaining the church's design theme. The text in the gray panels can be changed as needed without a redesign, just as content can be added to the open areas.

Newsletter Template (inside pages)
The inside pages of the newsletter focus on upcoming events and messages from specific ministries within the church.

Newsletter Template (back)
As members recieve the newsletter folded in the mail, the back is what they first see. This page is designed to be viewed either folded or unfolded, to provide plenty of space for the address label, to keep members up to date about the church's statistics and meeting times, and to offer the pastor space for a message in each edition.

Website Flyer
This flyer was designed to show people who had not yet tried the OCC website what they were missing.

The Keys to Life (cover)
This important brochure was recently redesigned, and though no new text was added, the format was expanded from a single text-only sheet to eight illustrated pages. Useful both to newcomers to Christianity and to newcomers to the church, this brochure outlines the core beliefs of OCC.

The Keys to Life (pp 2-3)
These pages introduce the brochure, and explain the importance of the topic.

The Keys to Life (pp 4-5)
Each of four keys is explained through short, easily understood phrases, and appropriate scriptures, providing a solid starting point.

The Keys to Life (pp 6-7)
Familiar images were chosen to illustrate each key. Whether they be images of emotions and frustrations felt in daily life, or images of spiritual concepts that even most non-Christians immediately recognize, these images create an immediate connection to the keys.

The Keys to Life (back)
The back page of the brochure focuses on detailing the core beliefs of the O'Fallon Christian Church, as well as providing important contact information.

Angels (powerpoint)
The angel imagery for this series needed to be as far from the cutesy, feminine Victorian image of angels as possible! Instead, it needed to reflect God's glory and emanate power. With light as the dominant visual theme, I wound up layering almost a dozen different fonts to get that "written in light" look I wanted.

God's Economy (powerpoint)
I wanted to avoid using the more obvious imagery such as photographs of dollars, and so went with a more abstract illustration suggestive of graphs and growth.

Confidence That Inspires (powerpoint)
The hardest part of this design was figuring out what type of confidence would speak to viewers to viewers instantly. I decided to go with an image that might bring the phrase "Leap of Faith" to mind as well.

God Knows and God Cares (powerpoint)
One of the most interesting aspects of my work is figuring out how to visually represent abstract concepts!

OCC Business Card
This alteration of the OCC logo was designed for the fronts of OCC business cards.

New Beginnings
This non-profit organization provides spiritual, material, and physical help to homeless families.

Thetford Elder Network (logo redesign)
In the original logo, the male and female figure were little more than stick figures. I was asked to alter them so that they looked more like the retirement-age members of the group. The biggest challenge lay in making the hand-drawn figures look older but still vibrant and capable.