2006 Directory (front)
Though it looks like a straightforward panoramic shot, this image of the church was actually created by joining several photos together and removing various inconvenient bushes, branches, trees, cars, and other obstructions. I'm not a good photographer, but because of that I've developed a talent for fixing poor photographs.

2006 Directory (back)
As there were to be no color photograph pages inside the directory, I used the back cover as an opportunity to showcase a few more photos related to the church.

2008 Directory (front)
This cover echoes the previous one, so as to keep a consistent feel.

Directory pages: Website
This directory contains 13 full-color pages, intended to showcase the church's departments, features, and organizations. Along with a Pastor's Page, Introduction, Staff pages, and Missions* page, we also wanted to re-emphasize the features available on the church website.

*To ensure the safety of missionaries in certain areas, the Missions page will not appear on the internet.
Directory pages: Involvement
The directive for the remaining color pages was to create collages from photos of the activities of various groups within the church. Involvement was the catch-all category, and suggested a scrap-book look to me.

Directory pages: Worship Ministry
From a technical standpoint, photos of the worship ministry were almost impossible to attain--the lighting in the sanctuary is great for the congregation, but completely inadequate for photography! The goal of this collage was to achieve an audience POV.

Directory pages: Student Ministry
I was challenged in a different direction with these pages: I had almost no pictures for this ministry! Inspired by the age group, I filled the remaining space with youth-targeted retro grunge design, and stylized the individual images to disguise the enlargement of low-res photos.

Directory pages: Children's Ministry
I had plenty of pictures for this ministry, but still set myself a challenge: making sure that as many children as possible could see themselves in the directory. Though this resulted in an overly busy design, it gave the children the chance to play their own version of Where's Waldo.