Prisonbreak (back)
The design for the front of the postcard was from an outside source--you can see it at the right. (I altered it slightly to fit our needs, but the design is not mine.) However, I did need to design a back to the postcard that would match the overall theme. The grunge look and cement feel both convey the feelings of hardness and hopelessness the series addresses.

Fall Kickoff with Nana Puddin' (front)
This card need to advertise both Nana Puddin's visit to OCC, and OCC's kickoff of Fall Programming. (Some photos are from the Nana Puddin' website.)

Fall Kickoff with Nana Puddin' (back)
The back of the postcard needed to maintain the appeal to children begun on the front.

VBS 2007 (front)
The logo and the general theme of the VBS were provided by the VBS material, but OCC needed a way to advertise it. This design, meant to appeal to children of the appropriate ages, makes a point of illustrating children of each appropriate age group.

VBS 2007 (back)
The appeal to children as well as the VBS's theme is maintained on the back by making use of the color scheme and additional clipart from the VBS providers.

Praise & Worship
This advertising material needed to understandable and readable at a glance--as well as at a low resolution.