What the Spirit Says to the Church
A design that could be changed each week to focus on a different church was required for this 7-part series focused on each of the churches mentioned in Revelation.

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Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition
Intended as a riff on the popular TV show, this design needed to be a light-hearted way to express a serious theme.

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30 Hour Famine
The driving force bringing this event to OCC were the OCC Student Ministries, so it seemed only right to bring adolescent sensibilities to the design.

When People Meet Jesus
This design was intended to illustrate the choice with easily recognizeable imagery.

Litmus Test for Love
The mad scientist imagery seemed like a perfect fit for a retro comic book style.

Trusting God in a Bad Economy
The abstract becomes very personal in this take on the standard chart.

Improving Your Serve
The sports reference seen in the wording of the title directly influenced the design for this sermon in service.

Jude: Contending for the Faith
This series required very dynamic, energizing, and fierce warrior imagery, but still needed to be accessible by the average person. Nearly a dozen different photos went into making this image!

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Procrastination: What's Holding You Back?
Sometimes your first design instinct is best.... (I didn't even notice how fitting the date was until the design was done!)

Meant to illustrate spiritual growth, this design needed to call to mind both the Tree of Life and the Fruits of the Spirit. One challenging aspect was the photograph used--solid roots were an important point in the sermon, so several photos were combined to create the cross-section effect.

The Conflicts of Christmas
A bit of a change from the typical Christmas bulletin covers (and sermon topics), this forthright yet impersonal cover deals with realities of conflicts as experienced by many during Christmas--conflicts resolved by Christ.

Living Beyond Myself
As often happens, the execution of this design was threatened by a lack of suitable photography--but this time it was saved by photography and props from the pastoral staff!

Baby Day
A yearly celebration, this design needed a soft touch.

Mother's Day
Sometimes, the challenge becomes how to portray the same thing in a fresh way year after year!

It's All In Your Mind
Hypnosis imagery--reminding us that we can allow ourselves to be talking into believing falsehoods--seemed a natural choice for this series.
See Posters for the matching poster.

The Da Vinci Code: Uncover the Truth
This design needed to remind the congregation of the cover of the Da Vinci Code novel ...without raising copyright issues. Subtle touches, such as the backwards writing visible on the turned up corner, harken back to Da Vinci himself.